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Types of insurance

When you need insurance for life ,dental or health insurance, LMC Business Solutions is the insurance agency of choice!

We are here for you and/or your employees: Managing your insurance policies can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. You have a lot to protect and we continue to find better ways to serve you.

Foreign nationals in need of insurance, LMC is able to help protect you and your family while you travel. Feel safe knowing that LMC is able to protect you with an insurance plan that helps

Also Available-
International Health Insurance- Available for non-residents of the U.S. that want the flexibility of health coverage worldwide.
International Life Insurance- Available for non-residents of the U.S. that want the protection that Life Insurance provides paid in U.S. currency
High Risk Insurance- Kidnap and Ransom

We are here for you.

Always considering the needs of the customer

At LMC Business Solutions, we work with you to get the best insurance plan to fit your exact insurance needs as best as possible. LMC's Insurance is designed to help your Insurance needs with the least stress and best results. LMC Insurance that protects you.

About Lucy

Founder of LMC Business Solutions. She is focused on becoming an adviser to people based on her personal life experience.


  • Wonderful Service!

    I want to thank Lucy for the Excellent Service provided. She is a completely reliable person, I am very happy and the Service exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend the LMC Business Solutions plan to everyone. Thank you again for your help.
    -Adriana Gomez

  • Professional Handling

    We are really glad to work with Lucy and the LMC Business Solutions plans. It has really been an advantage for the company. The service is complete, clear, and efficient and People are the best workers. We are happy to recommend the service to other companies.
    -Yahan Inc.

  • Health Insurance

    The Right Coverage

    You may have health insurance through your employer, but it may not be enough to cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with health conditions. Health Insurance choices are constantly changing and it is always best to discuss the different types of insurance and your individual needs before selecting a plan.
  • Dental Insurance

    Dental Checkups and Emergencies

    Our individual dental insurance plans can help you maximize your oral health. Dental Insurance typically covers a portion of preventive dental care and covers emergency dental procedures.
  • Life Insurance

    Think Ahead

    Life insurance can help provide for the people who depend on you financially, if you can't be there for them. Long Term Care covers additional care in the event of old age, mental illness, injury, etc.
  • Income Protection

    "Unexpected" Happens

    Income Protection is a monthly benefit that pays a percentage of your income and covers you for accidents, illnesses or major traumas. It can replace a portion of your income during the time you are unable to perform your job duties.